Women should lift weights

Yes honestly, at whatever age, women should lift weights.  The importance of exercise in our lives can’t be stressed enough and it shouldn’t be a chore.  There is a strong likelihood that when you find a form of exercise you enjoy you will fall in love with the feeling of exercise and the benefits that it gives you.  There is proven research stating that exercise reduces the risk of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease  and some cancers but exercise can also give you more energy, help you sleep better and give you that ‘feel good’ factor.  More now than ever before women in particular are being encouraged to get involved in all types of exercise and there is no time to start like the present.

Lifting weights has always been an integral part of my workouts.  It is something I enjoy doing and the feeling you get, no matter how old you are, of getting stronger is second to none.  I also know having spent a lot of time in gyms that some women go cold at the idea.  But why?  Do any of these sound familiar?                                                                                                             

Everyone looks like they know what they’re doing and I’ll look stupid.We all have to start somewhere and it is never too late!!!  I know the most amazing lady who looks the absolute picture of health and fitness, she is about to turn 71.  She did not start exercising until she retired and looks so natural in the gym environment that you would think she had been going years.   

Fear of looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s long lost sister.Most women are apprehensive about lifting weights because they think their muscles will become bulky and their physique will start to take on a masculine appearance.  As women this is extremely unlikely as we do not have sufficient testosterone for this to happen.                                                                                                                      

Unsure how to use the equipment or worried you’ll hurt yourself.If you are a member of a gym and are unsure about what to do speak to one of the instructors or book a session with a personal trainer.  They will instruct you in the correct technique and give you a balanced programme to help you achieve your goals.                                                                                                                              

Women should lift weights and there are many good reasons why.

Lifting weights makes your muscles stronger.  For most of us it is academic how many kilogrammes we can lift at the gym but if you transfer that into real life it means that carrying your shopping bags or lifting your children or grand-children becomes easier and you can do it for longer. 

Resistance exercise improves our coordination and proprioception. This is particularly important as we age because it helps keep some of our motor skills sharp.

It helps burn more calories. Once we get past the age of 30 our metabolism starts to slow down year on year. Muscle is a hungry tissue so the more muscle you have the greater your ability to burn calories at rest.….and who doesn’t want to enjoy a piece of cake or the odd glass of wine?

Your health is your wealth

Leigh x