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I am the world’s worst diabetic.  Even though I have been diagnosed for four years my brain still hasn’t computed that, actually, I have this potentially fatal condition. That means I can honestly say Diabetes has not affected my life.  . I have tried but always returned to type because Dieting and Healthy Living was so BORING.  And really hard!!.

So what happened to change it? Firstly I became a grandmother, and realised that I wanted to be a huge part of my grandson’s life. Secondly, I met Leigh.  This phenomenal lady has totally transformed my attitude towards me, which is central to any change of lifestyle.  She has helped me address my relationship with food – definitely NOT a diet, more a reassessment of how, why and what I eat. I keep a food diary – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.  Because I still get it wrong, have ‘blips’ or just plain rebel.  Leigh doesn’t berate me or shame me.  She encourages and understands that that happens sometimes. There has to be *whispers* exercise as well.  Here again, Leigh excels.  She doesn’t make me feel a fat, lazy Heffalump.  She has brought an entirely new concept of exercise into my life.  .  Yes, I work hard and I sweat and sometimes I ache for 24hrs.  But I am, surprisingly, loving it.  I feel more energised, more positive, and more comfortable in my own skin.  Making that first contact with Leigh is the best and most positive thing I have done in years.

Oh – apart from feeling so much better I have lost 12cm from my waist and 15lbs from the scales in six weeks. Happy, happy me!

Jayne Keeley, retired Cambridgeshire police officer

I’ve known Leigh for a number of years and decided to ask her for her help at the beginning of February 2018.  I’m obese and have inflammatory arthritis and had lost my motivation to lose weight and get healthy.

She helped me work out why I wanted to lose weight and she set me small targets to work at in order to help me achieve my goals.

She was always there to offer help and guidance with both food and exercise ideas.

Leigh is a genuinely lovely lady who is skilled in motivating people.  She has a great sense of humour, which I feel is a great attribute in keeping spirits high when you’re having a bad day.  She is one of the most positive people I have met and is able to support individual needs through her knowledge and experience.

Leigh is a great person to have to help you to achieve your goals.

Joanne Atherton, Lancashire Police support worker

I met Leigh 6 years ago when I first moved into the area

I took on a physically demanding job which required me to increase my physical strength and stamina very quickly.  I therefore asked Leigh to help me achieve this and also to help with my nutrition to enable me to get the best return for my calorie intake when I was very short of time and energy.

Not only did she help me achieve all of my goals she also helped me become emotionally stronger which helped me to overcome the challenges of suddenly entering a very male orientated profession.

She is excellent at not only knowing your limitations but more importantly recognising your capabilities and encouraging you to attain them.

I thoroughly enjoy my PT sessions with Leigh (amidst the sweat and tears) and I would thoroughly recommend her not only for exercise and nutrition but also for being such a joy to work with.

As a result of the time we spent together we have now become firm friends and she continues to be a constant source of much strength, encouragement and inspiration.

Kathy Britton, Grantham brewery owner

Leigh and I met a few years ago at the gym and she has been a supportive influence and fantastic role model for me and others around her.

At the beginning of my weight loss journey I lost several stones in weight and after several months I took part in a weight loss challenge at the gym Leigh and I both attended.  During the 6 weeks that followed I lost a further 3 stone supported by Leigh’s motivation and enthusiasm.  She worked with me, one to one, encouraging me through exercise sessions and guiding me with my nutrition.

She is strong in body, mind and spirit.  Leigh will support you, helping you achieve your goals and I cannot recommend working with her highly enough.

Kel Nelson, full time Mum

Following a serious road traffic accident I was given medication, a side effect of the medication was weight gain.  I made the decision to try and lose some weight but only had a very basic knowledge of nutrition and no understanding of what I should be eating to improve my health and lose weight.

A friend of mine was already working with Leigh and recommended her to me.  I met with Leigh and found her friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable about food and good nutrition.

She kept me accountable on a daily basis via message and we met face to face once a week for a review of the previous week.  She is a great motivator, reminding me of my goals and making things easy to understand.

My diet was previously high in processed carbohydrates so she taught me to read labels, how to put healthy meals together without using bottled sauces and the importance of preparation and meal planning by batch cooking so there was always a nutritious meal prepared in the fridge or freezer.

Leigh and I worked together for 4 weeks and I have continued to follow her advice.  As a result of this I am now back in size 36” waist trousers from a 40” waist and I have lost 2 stone.

Leigh helped me understand the importance of good nutrition to lose weight, rather than counting points, and I can thoroughly recommend her services as an enthusiastic mentor who is passionate about helping people.

Darren Chambers, medically retired

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