Complete change in lifestyle – Read about Julie’s* health and fitness journey

When Julie* started working with me a few months ago she was several stone overweight and was unable to walk for more than a few minutes without becoming extremely breathless.  Exercise had never been part of her lifestyle and despite having done countless diets she hadn’t found one that was realistic or sustainable in the long term. Her mind was full of diet rules and restrictions and she lacked the confidence to do any kind of exercise.  She was confused about what she should be doing and her health was suffering. 

Julie* was also conscious of the fact that her mother has type 2 diabetes and she knew that she needed to start exercising, improve her diet and lose weight to decrease her risk of becoming diabetic herself.

In Julie’s* words:

“I had done so many diets that I couldn’t focus any more on what I should be doing for my health and weight loss. As I got older I struggled with my weight and walking was getting more difficult.  Diabetes was also in my immediate family and it was important for me to listen to the advice Leigh gave”

During our nutrition guidance sessions it was important to repair Julie’s* relationship with food by dispelling rules and myths from years of dieting.  I taught her about proper nutrition so she was able to prepare healthy, balanced meals without relying on pre-packaged processed foods.  These meals included full fat dairy products and olive oil, something she’d eliminated from her diet years ago fearing eating fats made her gain weight.

In Julie’s* words:

“Leigh showed me a different way of approaching food.  I stopped counting calories and I think about what to eat so that my body is fuelled.  My approach to food is now a lifestyle rather than a diet with an end date”

We used a hill near her home to walk up during her exercise sessions. This was extremely challenging for her physically and emotionally and at the top she was exhausted.  She gave every session 100%  and with my encouragement and support her self-confidence grew.  She also walked regularly between our sessions and as the weeks progressed it took her less time to reach the top and her breathing became easier. 

 In Julie’s* words:

“As the weeks went by exercising regularly helped me walk longer distances which was great!  With Leigh’s encouragement I grew stronger in mind as well as body”

Julie* has lost a stone so far by adopting a sensible and sustainable approach to nutrition and exercise.  She has reduced her portion sizes, she reads labels on pre packaged food, she uses olive oil and butter instead of low fat substitutes and now keeps sugar to a minimum in her diet.  More importantly no food is banned and she eats wholesome and nutritious food.

Julie’s* journey has not been straightforward because she is menopausal and puts the needs of her elderly parents, children and grandchildren before her own, but she completely embraced the challenge of rebuilding her health. As her trainer, I couldn’t be more proud of what Julie* has achieved and she has shown true courage and determination.

Tackling this challenge head-on completely changed her attitude to her health.

Your health is your wealth.


(* name changed because my client was happy for me to tell her story but wished to remain anonymous)