Find out how James Corden lost five stone by cutting this food out.

I’m referring to an article that was published last year by a tabloid newspaper.  If you’ve seen James Corden on the television over the last year or so it is plain to see that he has lost a significant amount of weight. 

Sounds amazing doesn’t it?  Admit it, you’re intrigued and want to learn how James Corden lost five stone and which food he cut out to lose the weight. Sound too good to be true? Well you’ve heard the old adage……….if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Sensationalist headlines of well-known faces losing a large amount of weight are either to get us to read the paper or buy a product but it works because many people are looking for a quick fix.

Is his weight loss down to cutting out one particular type of food?  No it’s not.

As the article progresses it becomes apparent that James Corden drastically reduced his snacking habit.  In addition to the meals he ate during the day he would constantly graze on unhealthy snacks, he ate a large amount of bread and also loved sugary food. 

He decided to remove bread and sugar from his diet because they were trigger foods for overeating.  Was his five stone weight loss purely attributable to removing bread and sugar from his diet?  Of course not, James Corden worked closely with a nutritionist and started exercising regularly at an exercise class.

James Corden did a number of things in order to lose five stone and none of them were magic or ground breaking.  The first thing he did was to address his unhealthy relationship with bread and sugar and decided to remove them from his diet.  It isn’t necessary to take a particular food from your diet but if you know it’s a weakness and you can’t eat it in moderation then it may be worth considering.  He hired a professional to help him gain knowledge about nutrition and he began exercising regularly at a class.  Again neither of these are necessary as there are plenty of resources available on the internet that you can turn to but if you are the type of person that needs accountability and guidance then you will definitely benefit from hiring someone to help you achieve your goals.

James Corden has clearly been committed and dedicated to his weight loss journey and significant lifestyle change.  If you step away from the headline, with a bit of help from others and a bucketful of determination, he has taken a common sense approach to losing weight and improving his lifestyle.

The bottom line is there is no magic pill or quick fix to improving your health.  It’s a combination of eating nutritious food and taking regular exercise.

Your health is your wealth.

Leigh x