Personal training is about so much more than weight loss. Read about Sarah’s* amazing transformation.

Sarah* is a busy mum in her thirties with two young children.  She contacted me in January of this year and as we spoke it became apparent that she felt she had lost part of her identity, she hated looking at her reflection in the mirror and she lacked energy.

In Sarah’s* words:

“I contacted Leigh knowing that I needed that extra help and support.  I wanted to drop the extra pounds i’d gained and feel like myself again.  I definitely knew I didn’t want to get to another summer wishing I had done something”

Whilst she didn’t have much weight to lose Sarah’s* goals were to lose weight and have more energy.  She was very slim prior to her first pregnancy and had slowly gained weight from there.  She was not comfortable with her extra weight and, coupled with the fact that she had done little or no structured exercise of recent years, she lacked the energy to play games like ‘tig’ with her children without needing to stop after a few minutes because she was shattered.

After our first few personal training sessions I knew that Sarah* was going to do really well.  She always gave 100% and it was obvious that she had done the exercise sessions I’d asked her to between our personal training sessions.  We made a few tweaks to her diet, got her to eat more vegetables and have eat regular meals and she was losing, on average, one pound a week.  Physically she was doing great but there were a couple of times when a simple “You’re doing so well and I’m really proud of you” from me reduced her to tears.  She still didn’t believe in herself the way I believed in her.

In Sarah’s* words:

“Leigh would arrive ready to put me through my paces.  She even believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself”

Part of Sarah’s* programme was tailored towards her natural physical strength.  She became stronger quite quickly and I could see how much she enjoyed seeing her strength grow and witnessing the change in her body shape.  As her body shape changed her focus of weight-loss gradually shifted. Her focus began to move towards being healthy and being physically fit and strong to fully enjoy life with her family.

In Sarah’s* words:

“Initially it was for weight loss but I have so much more self-confidence realising how strong I am both mentally and physically, it is this that has brought me most joy.  I also have so much more energy to go on the slides and climbing frames with my kids.”

In the time that she worked with me Sarah* lost a staggering 6cm from her waist.  This in itself is an achievement but, as her trainer, I am most proud of her for a new found body confidence and self- belief. 

This is what she says is the best result she got from working with me:

“Being able to play tig with the kids and not feel like stopping after 2 seconds AND being able to look in the mirror and feel confident.  I have even bought a bikini for the holliyays!!”

She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I am so proud of what she has achieved.

Your health is your wealth.

Leigh x

*My client wished to remain anonymous so I have changed her name